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The new lifestyle for the new Zeitgeist.

As a global society we are facing the impacts of Climate Change and increasing isolation in our daily lives. We believe that regenerative intentional communities are a viable solution to both problems...

About Us
Data Driven Innovation

It is not enough to have a thesis and build approximate solutions to perceived problems. We treat each project like an experiment from the start - constantly gathering data, analyzing it, and implementing improvements.

Our Specialties

Modern design for a modern world.


Our proprietary panelized construction system provides a superior structural system with reduced lifetime costs and rapid assembly.

Community Planing

We don't just design houses and landscapes, but the relationships that make them a community.

Your Life, Our Ideas

Concept to Completion BIM, completely custom design, cutting edge fabrication - all combined with a quality of life metrics feedback system. Each one of CommonWorks' communities is a precision crafted, total work of art.

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Our Best Projects
CommonWorks turned my nightmare home renovation into a beautiful house with revenue potential...
Jack Ryana Real Estate Investor
Living in community was always a dream of mine yet seemed so unrealistic for my family. After visiting a CommonWorks community...
Jane Wilde Insurance Agent
The first thing I fell in love with about Casa d'Arte was the gleaming white futuristic facade...
Matilda Brown Visual Artist